Calling all Explorers!

Anibaké is an exciting new role-playing mobile game that will change the way you look at your surroundings!

You can capture and collect over 130 Anibakés with different personalities and abilities depending on the type of terrain and weather in which they were found. Team up with your favorite Anibaké to compete against other players or trade them with your friends.
Catalog all of them in your Albums, where you can consult detailed information such as height, weight, interesting facts and required conditions for their capture. Build your own Anibaké encyclopedia!

Be a part of the Anijet Club! Win air miles and talk to our lovely assistant to travel to exciting locations from New York to the Fiji Islands. There can capture exotic & special Anibakés or just find different climates to explore. The world is your playground!
So if you enjoy collecting an ever growing list of fun companions, participate in perilous battles and exploring the world around you, be on the lookout for Anibaké in your mobile store soon!

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But… what is Anibaké?

Anibaké is the first Pokemon® style game that truly takes advantage of the way you move around and of the environment that surrounds you. A new “species” of gaming is coming to you soon.

Today most mobile games behave the same wherever you are playing. The game you play at home in your tablet is very much the same game you play on your mobile phone on your trip to work, at the coffee shop or at the beach. You carry it everywhere, yet the experience is the same, as if you were standing at the same spot the entire time. Games on your phone are little to no different to the games on a top-box console or internet browser. Looking at them like this we can’t help but think mobile games today translate to the same experiences you have on any other of the traditional devices, only in a smaller form factor with a different input method, and  levels adapted for shorter sessions.

Anibaké, “Ani” from Animal, “bake” from Bakemono, monster in japanese. Read as Anibakeh.

We believe there can be much more to mobile gaming.

Anibaké takes advantage of your location and environment. You, the player, are THE player, on your real world, fighting your way around to find all the creatures that inhabit cities, parks, rivers, forests, mountains, and oceans. Amazing mythical bosses will surprise you on specific locations, and you will have to go trough challenging battles to capture them. Interact with other human players if you choose so, from as close as 20 meters up to 100 km around you. We will make sure you always have a contestant at your level.

Chalenge amazing mythical bosses spread troughout the world

…more than 130+ animals and monsters everywhere around you and spread throughout the globe, it’s up to you to find them all…

Creatures are connected to the environment in ways you expect. Changes in your local weather bring out new species you can interact with. Cold by the bay? Killer Wales and an assortment of polar creatures will pay you a visit, windy in the city? You can bet on fights against local aerial species. After you make a capture you can  use it as your own animal fighter, including against other players. There are more than 130+ animals and monsters everywhere around you and spread throughout the globe, it’s up to you to find them and unlock all secrets within the game. You will be surprised, your daily commute will never the same.

Join the search today! 🙂